All about us know that Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is one of best University. Since 2008 until this year, this college received award as “Excellent University 2008-2011” at Anugerah Kampus Unggulan (AKU) KARTIKA by Kopertis East Java Region. Therefore many graduated student from highschool in all town of Indonesia join with this college.  You must confess because there are many facilities useful for student. Such as Academic and Non-Academic facilities, public facilities and many more. Not only many facilities, but also UMM have hotspot zone and that website included ten biggest in the world.

             As one of the leading universities in East Java, UMM were now able to manage more than 18,000 active students who came from all parts of Indonesia.
UMM also included international students from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and East Timor.
Although UMM is an Islamic university the religious background of students is not an issue.
Many UMM student’s religion extends across Hindus, Buddhists, Christian, and Catholic.

             UMM are always updating facilities to enhance the student’s learning experience: building development lectures, laboratories, facilities of computer, intranet access  and internet using optic fiber and hotspot areas.
In addition the university developed a digital library which is equipped with online journals, audio-visual, and other scientific information resources which incorporated the Indonesian Digital Library Network (IDLN).

UMM developed several business units which are expected to create financial help for the university without burdening students with high tuition fees. 
Some units are already running a profitable business which include: UMM Press, Book Store, UMM Dome, Hotel University Inn, and a motorcycle shop.
In the near future UMM have plans to build a Teaching Hospital, Petrol Station, Simple Rent Student Housing, Shopping Mall and others.